Conference Overview 2021

Conference Overview

Located in Miami, ground zero for sea level rise and other growing environmental challenges, FIU recognizes the critical need to protect our planet. The 2021 EAS Conference is hosted by FIU’s Institute of Environment, one of the largest institutes of its kind in the nation.

The theme of the 2021 conference will be Watershed Processes in the face of Dynamic Landscapes and Climate Change. This international conference will focus on the environmental and societal challenges in the face of the dynamic urban and rural watershed alterations and the unprecedented impact of climate change on the hydrology of watersheds.

Topics to be covered in the conference will include landcover dynamics and scaling, urbanization and urban heat island, land degradation and sediment transport, water pollution, land-lake connectivity and lake pollution, irrigation water management and salinity, transboundary water basins and governance, virtual water and water footprint, remote sensing and machine learning applications in hydrology, drought and flood modeling and forecasting, wetlands, ecosystem services, coastal flooding and vulnerability, climate change and water resources, and other related areas.

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