2023 Conference Thematic Area

I. The Nile River Basin

  • Nile River Basin Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • Nile River Basin Transboundary Water Issues
  • The Nile Basin Initiative and the Cooperative Framework Agreement
  • The GERD and Regional Benefits
  • Nile River Basin Watershed Protection
  • Aquatic Weeds in Lakes and Reservoirs
  • Water Quality Issues in the Nile Basin

II. Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Sustainability

  • Global Impacts of Climate Change (droughts, floods, extreme weather)
  • Climate Change and Food Production
  • Climate Change and SDGs
  • Carbon Credit
  • COP27 Highlights
  • Climate Change Mitigations and Adaptations
  • Climate Change Sustainability Plans and Programs
  • Policies and Laws Protecting Water Resources

III. Climate Change and Transboundary Rivers

  • The Nile River Basin Transboundary Water Issues and Climate Change
  • Other Transboundary Issues and Climate Change (the U.S.A. and Mexico water     agreement, Canada and U.S.A., etc.)
  • The 2022 Global Hydrologic Extremes (U.S.A., Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh)
  • Climate Teleconnection

IV. Functions of Wetlands

  • Hydroclimate Importance of Wetlands
  • Wetlands and Greenhouse Gas
  • Wetlands and Flood Management
  • Economic Importance of Wetlands
  • Ecological Importance of Wetlands

V. Global Experience of Wetland Drainage and Conservation

  • Wetland Drainage Causes and Wetland Drainage Around the World
  • Lessons Learned from Wetland Drainage
  • The Everglades Drainage and Restoration
  • Constructed Wetlands and Wetland Restoration

VI. The Importance of The Sudd in the Nile Basin

  • The Hydrology of The Sudd
  • Ecology of The Sudd
  • The People of the Sudd and their Life and Livelihood
  • Economic Potential of the Sudd for South Sudan
  • Hydroclimate Importance of the Sudd for the Region
  • Carbon Sequestration and Storage Contribution of the Sudd
  • Flood Storage and Attenuation
  • Flood Characteristics in South Sudan and Sudan
  • Impacts of Sudd Drainage
  • The Sudd and Wildlife

VII. Women and the Environment

  • Gender Mainstreaming in the Nile basin
  • Gender and Climate Change
  • The Role of Women in Transboundary Rivers
  • Women’s Roles in Managing Wetlands
  • Women and Livelihood in the SUDD

VIII. International Law and its Applicability to the Nile Basin Sharing and Regulation

  • Colonial Water Agreements and end of Colonialism
  • Emerging Water Right Assertion in the Nile Basin and Water Sharing
  • Nile Basin Population Growth, Water Demand and Climate Change
  • Rights of Water Sale and Out of Basin Water Transfer
  • Compensation for Past Overuse of Nile Waters
  • The Position and Interests of Sudan in Nile Water Sharing
  • South Sudan and Colonial Water Treaties
  • Security in the Nile Basin

IX. The Potential for Hydropower Generation and the Inter-dependency between the Nile Basin Countries

  • Hydropower Potential in the Nile Basin and Power Trade
  • The GERD Power Potential and Developmental Potential
  • Nile Basin Countries Interdependence and Economic Cooperation/Integration