2022 Conference Thematic Areas

2022 Conference Thematic Areas

I. Natural Resources Management

  1. Soil Erosion Control Practices
  2. Deforestation/Afforestation
  3. Wetland and Lakes Management
  4. Fishery
  5. Aquatic Weeds
  6. Parks, Wildlife and Forests
  7. Water Quality (Lakes, Reservoirs, Rivers, Groundwater)

II. Water Management

  1. Hydro-meteorologic Monitoring and Database
  2. Water Management Organizations and Decision Making
  3. Climate Teleconnections and Hydro-climatic Forecast
  4. Water Management Structures
  5. Water Harvesting and Storage
  6. Reservoirs and sedimentation
  7. Water Quality

III. Irrigation and Food Production

  1. Small-Scale Irrigation and Food Production
  2. Medium-Scale Irrigation and Food Production
  3. Large-Scale Irrigation and Food Production
  4. Commercial Crop Production
  5. Agricultural Product Processing, Storage and Transport
  6. Irrigation and Soils

IV. Droughts and Floods

  1. Hydro Extremes Forecast and Risk Analysis
  2. Drought Monitoring and Management
  3. Flood Forecast and Mitigation
  4. Urban Flooding and Mitigation

V. Energy Production

  1. Hydroelectric Production
  2. Solar Energy
  3. Wind Energy
  4. Geothermal Energy
  5. Biomass Energy and Solid Waste Management

VI. The Nile and GERD

  1. The Nile Basin and Water Sharing
  2. GERD Hydrology and Operation
  3. GERD Lake Management
  4. Ancillary Benefits of GERD (Fishery, tourism, ecological tourism, etc.)
  5. GERD Support International Groups
  6. Media Support for GERD

VII. Post War Reconstruction

  1. Human Losses and Social Impact
  2. Infrastructure Damage Estimate in Conflict Regions
  3. Water Sector Reconstruction Needs Assessment
  4. Food Insecurity Assessment
  5. Energy Sector Damage Assessment
  6. Economic Impact
  7. Agricultural Resources Damage Assessment
  8. Health Impact Assessment
  9. The Role of NGOs and Diaspora in Reconstruction