2021 Conference Themes

Conference Themes

The theme of the 2021 EAS conference will be Watershed Processes in the face of Dynamic Landscapes and Climate Change. Below are the six themes to be presented at the conference.

I. Land Cover Dynamics and Watershed Vulnerability

  1. Regional and global land cover changes
  2. Land use planning and policy
  3. Development and Watershed vulnerability

II. Land Degradation and Water Quality

  1. Trends in land degradation and agricultural productivity
  2. Headwater loss and low flows
  3. Soil erosion and sediment transport
  4. Remote sensing of water quality variables
  5. Modeling Harmful algal blooms

III. Urban Hydrology and Coastal Flooding

  1. Urban heat island and hydrology
  2. Remote sensing application for urban water and energy flux estimation
  3. Urban pollution and wastewater management
  4. Saltwater intrusion, urban flooding and ecological impact

IV. Extreme Hydrology and Teleconnectivity

  1. Drought mapping and challenges
  2. Remote sensing applications in drought monitoring
  3. Flood vulnerability and forecasting
  4. Compound flooding in coastal areas
  5. Teleconnectivity of drought and flood events

V. Climate Change and Hydrologic Variability

  1. Rainfall variability and uncertainty
  2. Stream flow and groundwater response to climate change
  3. Sea level rise, coastal flooding, and saltwater intrusion
  4. Mitigation and adaptation strategies

VI. Remote Sensing and AI Application in Hydrology

  1. Soil moisture mapping and modeling
  2. Groundwater flow modeling using GRACE and other sensors
  3. Precipitation product evaluation
  4. Artificial intelligence tools for water resources modeling